PATROLS project workshop addresses 3D cell culture models


16 expert researchers met in Switzerland to address the latest developments in 3D lung, intestine and skin tissues.

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PATROLS presented at EuroNanoForum 2019


PATROLS was part of the 18 project-strong NanoSafety Cluster exhibition stand at EuroNanoForum, hosted in Bucharest as part of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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New Study Highlights Value of Physiologically Relevant 3D InSight™ Liver Microtissues for Nanomaterial Safety Assessments


A new study, conducted as part of PATROLS, established InSphero 3D InSight™ Multi-Donor Human Liver Microtissues as a valuable nanotoxicology risk assessment tool.

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Student Research Award at ISAM 2019 for Hana Barosova from University of Fribourg


The PATROLS project abstract by Hana Barosova was awarded the Student Research prize at ISAM 2019 (International Society for Aerosols in Medicine) in Montreux, Switzerland.

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Nanomaterials are changing the world – but we still don’t have adequate safety tests for them


Article by Shareen Doak, Martina G.Vijver and Martin Clift published on THE CONVERSATION.

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Project Review 2018 - Interview with Professor Shareen Doak


Listen to this short interview with Professor Shareen Doak of the University of Swansea.

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PATROLS - Review 2018


The PATROLS project started in January 2018 and, through its consortium of 24 partners, has already achieved significant advances. This article reviews progress and outcomes in its first year and looks forward to 2019.

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1st Annual Meeting of PATROLS


The 1st Annual Meeting of PATROLS was organised by ISTEC in Faenza, Italy.

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Patrols Stakeholder Webinar July 2018


The PATROLS project presents a 30 minutes webinar introducing the drivers behind the project, its scientific aims and potential impact.

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Joint PATROLS-GRACIOUS-NanoSafety Cluster event on harmonization of Standard Operating Procedures


On the 12th and 13th of June 2018, a joint workshop on harmonization of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) was held at RIVM, the Netherlands. This activity was part of the Nanosafety Cluster (Working Group C) and was sponsored by the EU projects PATROLS and GRACIOUS. It was organized to follow-up on the EU ProSafe ‘White Paper’ recommendation to come up with harmonised and validated test methods for nanomaterials to support regulatory risk assessment. Such SOPs are required to facilitate the generation of data that are reliable and comparable, and thus can be used and re-used for risk assessment and modelling the effects of nanomaterials.

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