PATROLS Steering Board

Shareen Doak PATROLS - Project Coordinator | Swansea University
Areas of Expertise: Genetic toxicology, DNA damage mechanisms, DNA repair, in vitro 3D liver models, in vitro lung co-culture models, gene & protein expression analysis, oxidative stress analysis, inflammatory response, liver function analysis & metabolic capacity.
Anna Costa | ISTEC-CNR
Areas of Expertise: Sol-gel synthesis, functionalisation and characterisation of ceramic micro/nanophases and their colloidal properties; technology transfer of ceramic nanostructured coatings and their functional characterisation (photoactive membranes, antibacterial surfaces, multi-functional textile). Safe by Design approach applied to materials and processes.
Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser | Fribourg University
Areas of Expertise: Nanoparticle-cell interactions, in vitro 3D lung cell models, air-liquid exposures, cell response analysis (biochemical assays and molecular biology), light and electron microscopy.
Nikolina Latkovic | Nanotechnology Industries Association
Areas of Expertise: Dissemination across sectors, countries and organisation types plus Industry challenges and needs
Flemming Cassee | National Institute for Public Health and the Environment RIVM
Areas of Expertise: Inhalation toxicology, aerosol dosimetry and characterisation. In vitro and in vivo toxicology, biodistribution, OECD guidelines, science- policy interface, particle and fibre toxicology.
Lang Tran | Institute of Occupational Medicine
Areas of Expertise: NanoToxicology; Modelling Exposure-Dose-Response; in vitro/in vivo extrapolation; data analysis.
Martina Vijver | Leiden University
Areas of Expertise: Environmental toxicology, fate, uptake and mechanisms, invertebrates, zebrafish embryos, laboratory and field realistic research, bioassays, species relationships & interactions, environmental risk assessment, predictive modelling such as read across and QSAR-like, meta-analysis
Vicki Stone | Heriot-Watt University
Areas of Expertise: Particle, fibre and nanomatierial toxicology, oxidative stress, inflammation, in vitro 3D lung models, in vitro lung co-culture models, immune cell models, 3D liver models, 3D gut models.