Recordings from PATROLS final meeting published

The PATROLS project has held its final public meeting to present its results to all stakeholders and show how much the project has achieved over the last 42 months.

Recordings of the workshop "Next-generation Approaches for Nanomaterial Human and Environmental Safety Assessment - Results from the PATROLS Project, have now been published on YouTube and are available for all to see.
The topics covered in the final meeting included:

  • Physicochemical hazard concern phenomena with specific focus on dissolution and hydrochemical reactivity
  • Advanced multi-cellular in vitro human pulmonary, liver and gastrointestinal tract models for nanomaterial hazard assessment
  • Advanced ecotoxicity tests and in silico tools for nanomaterial hazard prediction

PATROLS has achieved significant results over its lifetime and has left a substantial legacy which can be used by industry, regulators and researchers to help move towards reducing animal usage in testing and in understanding how to test for realistic exposures to nanomaterials.

Professor Shareen Doak, Professor of Genotoxicology and Cancer in Swansea University Medical School and Coordinator of PATROLS says, "PATROLS has brought together 24 partners from 14 different countries to collaborate on developing more advanced tools to help support regulatory risk assessment. We have worked hard to advance these tools so that they can give us greater insights into understanding exposure to nanomaterials and can be used in the future to help support the efforts in the EU to develop new risk assessment methods. I am extremely happy to conclude the project with this open event that has helped us share our advances with the wider community."

Further publications from PATROLS are also expected from partners to add to the 60 papers already published. Alongside the publication of its results in peer review journals, PATROLS has also published a series of factsheets aimed at researchers and policy makers to provide quick overviews of some of the key project outcomes.