PATROLS held succesful workshop on advances in nanomaterial human and environmental hazard assessment methods

As one of its final dissemination activities, PATROLS held a stakeholder workshop to showcase the tools and advanced methods that have been developed within the project.

The workshop highlighted the nanomaterial characterisation in biological systems and in silico hazard models and the advanced in vitro human tissue models and ecotoxicity testing systems that the project has developed and to help stakeholders from industry, regulatory bodies and policy makers understand how they can access and use these methods and tools in their work.

PATROLS has been working to help deliver better models and test methods that can be used to help address concerns over the use of animals in chemical testing and to provide quicker and efficient tests that are accessible for use in industry. The project is well positioned to help deliver some of the key components of the European Commission's chemicals strategy for sustainability and project outcomes will be able to address some of the key components to deliver safe and sustainable chemicals. The workshop was an opportunity for stakeholders to understand the key developments that have been achieved within PATROLS, to be guided through some of the models, tools and methods that have been developed within the project and how these can be accessed by stakeholders for their own use.

The workshop welcomed 122 attendees from 25 differents countries

View the full agenda here.