22nd International Society for Aerosols in Medicine (ISAM) Congress

25-29 May in Montreux, Switzerland

The International Society for Aerosols in Medecine (ISAM) is organising a workshop which will cover the fundamentals and recent developments of both in vitro lung cell culture models mimicking airway and alveolar compartments and microfluidic tissue chips for preclinical lung research.

The advanced cell models will include air-lifted epithelial barriers (air-liquid cultures) with and without cyclic stretch, as well as single and complex co-culture models consisting of cell lines and/or primary cells. Moreover innovative technologies for cell seeding such as 3D cell printing and aerosolized drug / nanocarrier delivery are presented and novel applications of these in vitro models will be discussed.

The second part of this workshop will cover the fundamentals of microfluidic devices (chips) and will provide an overview of their design, fabrication, and cell cultures on chips. Subsequently, speakers will discuss various devices that have emerged as a new tool for studying the pathophysiology of various respiratory disorders, as well as those used for investigating the delivery and discovery of drugs for the treatment of lung diseases.

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