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[Scientific Publication] An Integrated In Vitro–In Silico Approach for Silver Nanoparticle Dosimetry in Cell Cultures

[Poster] Non-Animal Approaches in Science: Challenges and Future Directions

[Poster] Effects of ZnO nanoparticles on Algae, Daphnia and Zebrafish larvae

[Poster] Zinc oxide nanomaterials toxicity to Daphnia magna. Effect of particle coatings on immobilization, reproduction and body size

[Poster] Repeated long-term exposures of multi-walled carbon nanotubes to the 3D human lung model EpiAlveolarTM to predict the onset of fibrosis

[Poster] Advanced in vitro liver and lung model development for engineered nanomaterial hazard assessment

[Poster] Predictive 3D lung models to assess the long-term hazard of nanomaterial aerosols in vitro

[Poster] PATROLS Overview

[Poster] A dynamic in vitro model approach towards deducing the hazard of long-term nanomaterial exposure to the alveolar epithelial barrier

[Poster] Viscoelastic Cell Memory: Can mesenchymal stem cells sense and remember viscoelastic signals?

[Media] Podcast - Using 3D cell-based human liver microtissue models to predict adverse effects caused by chronic exposure to engineered nanomaterial

[Scientific publication] Allometric Scaling of physiologically-relevant organoids

[Presentation] PATROLS: Physiologically Anchored Tools for Realistic nanOmateriaL hazard aSsessment - Alternatives to Animal Testing

[Scientific publication] Using 3D gastrointestinal tract in vitro models with microfold cells and mucus secreting ability to assess the hazard of copper oxide nanomaterials

[Scientific publication] The importance of inter-individual Kupffer cell variability in the governance of hepatic toxicity in a 3D primary human liver microtissue model

[Scientific publication] Method for Extraction and Quantification of Metal-Based Nanoparticles in Biological Media:

[Poster] Collaborate

[Poster] Digestion Simulation for Nanoparticle Toxicity Testing: Particle Characterization and In-vivo In-vitro Comparison

[Poster] A new poly(carbonate)urethane/gelatin electrospun membrane for physiological barriers in in vitro models

[Poster] Advancing liver and lung in vitro models to realistically assess human health hazards of engineered nanomaterials

[Media] Nanomaterials are changing the world – but we still don’t have adequate safety tests for them

[Media] PATROLS features in the Summer edition of the UKSPAs Breakthrough Magazine on p32

[Media] PATROLS Stakeholder Webinar

[Poster] Ecotoxicology at the Nanoscale

[Flyer] PATROLS General Flyer

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